Mysore Painting Gallery

I learnt Mysore Painting in Mysore. My guru was an artist in Mysore palace. Mysore painting is a type of painting in which the jewels are embossed with a paste and gold leaf is applied on them to get a 3 dimensional look.

Princess Damayanthi and The Swan

The famous painting of Ravi Varma. I tried it out in Mysore Painting style.

Shri Adhiparasakti

Shri Chamundeshwari

Shri Annapoorneshwari

 Shri Saraswathi

Shri Narthana Ganapathy

Shri Krishna


  1. Wonderful paintings Gayathri ! simply awesome :)
    Following ur space


  2. no words to express...really wonderfull..and the eyes are very lively n brings out sum emotions while having a look...great job...ur patience needs to be appreciated...

  3. Hi gayathri

    Your paints are awesome.Now i feels to try this.But i have one doubt.I am not good artist,that means i cannot well drawing the pictures,even though can i try this?But i can trace very well.

    1. Sure Maha Lakshmi, you can always trace the figure and go on doing the details and painting..


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