Monday 17 March 2014

Simple iPad Cover Tutorial

This is a simple yet elegant cover for iPad. If you know the basics of stitiching, then you are ready to go. I made a cover before 2 months for my iPad. Hubby dear took it to one of his clients' office and his client was impressed. He wanted an iPad cover and hubby passed on this request. The first one I made was a quilt block I learned from a friend and I didn't have patience to repeat it. So I went for this simple design and prayed to God that hubby likes it. And yes, he loved it. 

Recently I added a walking foot to my machine accessories and was so happy to use it in this project. With the usual presser foot, it is very hard to quilt all the three layers but with a walking foot, it was so easy. I love this. For thew batting I used the regular sponge sheet. If you want you can go fro cotton batting but it is optional.

Materials Required:

For The Main Body:
1 Main Fabric  - 25" * 10"
1 Lining Fabric - 25" * 10"
1 Batting - 25" * 10"

For The Flap:
2 Main Fabric - 10" * 6"
1 Batting - 10" * 6"

A small piece of velcro
A fancy lace which suits the main fabric

Attach one part of the velcro in the main fabric( forgot to click a snap) Place the main fabric and lining right to right and place the batting below the lining.

Stitch 3 sides leaving one side open. The side with velcro must be stitched. The other side must be open.

Now turn the fabric inside out and turn out the corners neatly.

On the flap pieces make a U cut to shape the flap.

Now on one main fabric, place the velcro's other part and stitch leaving 1 1/2" from the edge.

Place the fabrics right to right, place the batting below and stotch leaving the straight edge open. Give small cut marks along the stitch line. Be carefuland avod slicing the stitch.

Now turn inside out.

Fold both the open edges of the flap and main body. Insert the flap inside the main body and pin it.

Though it may not look very neat it is OK.

Stitch along the line.

Now on the lining, draw lines. This is the quilting lines you are going to make to secure all the three layers and make the cover neat. I went for uneven spaces between lines. You can do however you want - vertical lines, criss cross or evenly spaced horizontal lines.

To make the flap different, I made some vertical lines.

Now it is time to quilt. This is my new walking foot. Stitch on the lines .

Keep on folding the quilted side to make it easy for stitching.

All done. I successfully completed all the lines..

Now fold the main body as shown and stitch the sides.

Stitch a lace along the flap's curved edge.

And the iPad cover is ready..


My daughter was so happy to hold it...


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