Thursday, 6 February 2014

How to Make a Cake Bunting

It was my daughter's birthday yesterday. So I made a rainbow cake for her. I didn't want to spoil the cake by writing on it as I wanted the centre flower to stand out. And here is where a cake bunting comes to the rescue. It looks beautiful on the cake and you really doesn't need piping skills to write down the name. This is the first time I made the bunting and took some time to figure out exactly how it is made. OK, I accept, I am not so bright!!!

It is a simple project and an easy one. I used chart paper to make the diamonds but any sturdy paper will do. And if you can lay your hands on textured paper, then it would be great. As I had some plain chart sheets, I just coloured it with acrylic colours. You will need paint brushes, acrylic colours of two contrasting shades, kebab sticks and some twine. 

Keep all the materials handy. 

First cut out a strip of chart paper measuring 20" * 5".

Colour it with acrylic paint of your choice. I used a dark blue for the background.

Once dry, fold it into half.

Mark 1" spaces across the centre line. Cut out triangles as shown. The length of the triangles can be your choice.

I needed 18 diamonds to write the message.

With the other colour, write down the alphabets on the triangles.

Stick the ends of the triangle together. Allow it to dry.

Take a strong thread. Thread it through the triangles in order.

Tie it on the kebab sticks as shown.

Place the sticks on the cake.

Here is the view of the rainbow effect in the cake...

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  1. Beautiful cake akka looks superb I am sure Shruti loved it :) happy birthday to your princess. Love the bunting idea


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