Thursday, 1 November 2012

Patch Work Ball 2

This patch work ball is the second one of the two patch work balls in the QAL(quilt along) organised in the group. Amalie who taught us this Pentagon patch work ball taught this triangle patch work ball and she  asked us to hand stitch the pieces rather than machine stitching them. It uses paper piecing .I used this technique in the previous pentagon ball. You need a little patience to make this and it will be done in a day. I used two printed contrast fabrics. You are free to use any number of fabrics. 

You need 10 pieces of triangles in each fabric and it makes a total of 20 triangles. First cut out 20 triangles measuring 2 1/2" on the three sides. Make use of your high school geometry lessons to draw out the triangles. After cutting out 20 pieces in the chart paper, cut out triangles from the fabrics. The fabric pieces must be larger than the paper pieces by 1/4" on all sides. If you are not comfortable with 1/4" then make it slightly larger. 

Cut out the chart paper and fabric triangles.

Place a paper triangle inside the fabric triangle. Fold it as shown.

Now fold both the sides towards the centre and press it with your fingers.

Secure the fabric with thread. Knot it when all the three corners are done.

Now you get a neatly finished triangle.

Finish the other 19 triangles the same way. Arrange the triangles as shown. This is the way you are going to stitch up the sides.

Join adjacent sides using whip stitch. While joining be careful not to stitch the paper pieces. The needle should run only through the fabrics.

The stitched triangles look like this. Keep the stitches tight so that very little of the thread shows.

Stitch as arranged. Now you need to stitch the sides of triangles next to each other. 

When you stitch together the adjacent sides, the ball will be formed.

This is after stitching up the lower triangles.

Now join all the remaining sides except two sides. That is for flipping and filling.

Remove the paper pieces.

It looks lot better with out the paper pieces.

Turn it inside out.

Stuff the ball with the cotton or synthetic stuffing.

Thread a needle and insert it at the joint. Take a stitch to one side.

Take a stitch on the other side. Keep on repeating the stitches in the zig zag fashion.

Align the corners correctly for a perfect finish.

Finish it with a tiny knot. The patch work ball is ready..

You can view the works of all the other members of the group at the Desi Quilters Blog

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