Thursday, 27 December 2012

Black And White Scottie Dog

I came to know about this scottie dog when Madhu of Desi Quilter's group posted a snap of the dog she made for her friend. That was so lovely and My daughter would love it. So as my daughter is at her aunt's place, I wanted to make this as a surprise gift for her. I know that she would shower me with her kisses when she sees this beautiful dog. This also serves another purpose for me. For this month's Desi Quilter's Challenge, we need to make a quilt with black, white and a printed fabric. So I think I hit two birds with a stone. This is also my entry to the challenge. I searched the web for a tutorial and came across a free download for the pattern at dsquilts. I followed the tutorial and ended up with this lovely looking dog. The toughest part was the joining of the side strip. I struggled to get it neat and it was worth the effort. I recently bought a 1/4" pressure foot and it was of great help when joining squares. The squares came out neat and aligned beautifully.

The dog uses squares black and white along with a long black stripe.
Black- 2 1/4" square -26 nos
White- 2 1/4" squares-26 nos
Black stripe 55" long and 2 1/4" wide
Printed cotton stripe 26" long and 6" wide for the collar

Cut all the squares and the black stripe.

Arrange the squares as shown. You need to make another piece which is the mirror image of the given pattern.

First join the near by squares in the same row. Press the seams flat.

Now join the rows. Press the seams flat.

Make the other side which is the mirror image of the first side.

Join the stripe along the sides and finally join both the sides of the stripe.

Now join the stripe with the other side leaving 5" for turning over.

Bring inside out through the opening.

Stuff it neatly with synthetic cotton.

Finish off the opening with a hand stitched zig zag stitch.

Knot it up.

Join the stripe along the side keeping the fabric right to right.

Turn inside out and press at the seam.

Stitch off both the ends.

Tie it around the dog's neck and secure it with a stitch. Stitch two buttons for eyes and a flower at the knot.


  1. it is a cutie...i love the yellow ribbon too

  2. Its so cuteeeeeee..... planning to make for my daughter...... as i am new to this........,,can u suggest me wat type of fabric to use.....

  3. Its so cutèeeeee.... planning to makr 1 for my daughter...... as I am new to this.... can u pls suggest me the fabric I can use......

  4. Hi Neetu, Sorry for the late reply. I have used poplin for the dog. 100% cotton works fine as you are new.


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