Sunday, 10 February 2013

DIY Fabric flowers for frocks

Instead of buying decorative pieces for the frock you are stitching, you can make some yourself just like what I made for my daughter's gown. It is a simple flower to make but gives a nice look to the frock. First you need to make square bases for the flower. Then the petals are made and attached to the base. The centre is fitted with a ready made decorative piece for a neater look. Then it is very easy to stitch the flower on frocks, gowns or hair clips..

Cut the fabric into 2" squares.

Keeping two squares right to right, stitch three sides. Then invert it and finish off the fourth side. This forms the base for the flower.

Now fold a square into half.

And again into half so that you end up with a triangle.

With a hand needle, make a running stitch binding all the four layers of fabric in the triangle. Knot the thread on one side.

Pull the thread and the triangle gathers into a beautiful petal.

Knot it up so that the petal is secure.

Make any number of petals you want. A small flower needs 6 petals and a larger flower may need 14 petals.

Stitch 4 petals to 4 corners of the base square.

Stitch four more petals in between the first four.

Now place the centre piece and stitch

This is the gown I stitched for my daughter for her birthday. I made one large flower and two small flowers. 


  1. Akka this looks so pretty :) you sure have magic in your hands... love the princess, her dress and her cake, how can i not love you??? ;)

  2. Wow! This looks awesome, Wishes to your daughter Shruthi.

  3. beautiful work..ur so talented ha...lucky baby


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