Friday, 1 March 2013

Hearts Quilted Mat

At Desi Quilter's they announce a monthly challenge with a theme. So last month's theme, as it was February,  was heart. We needed to quilt a piece with hearts in it. I enthusistically designed the mat and started putting it together. It was a small project but very interesting. After cutting out all the hearts and joining the base squares, I was stuck at the quilting part. Something went wrong with the machine and I couldn't stitch the hearts to the base. I tried and tried for two whole days and I was so frustrated, I put the whole project aside and decided not to participate. So the last date was gone and then I felt like trying it again. This time I made some adjustments in the machine and started quilting. Even this time there was problem but not as intense as the first time. So after struggling with the machine and my quilt for two days, I completed the mat finally. 

I saw the idea of stitching the hearts on Pinterest. The edges are let as it is with out finishing and when washed they will fray and give a nice effect. I haven't washed it yet but I hope it looks good after washing. 

I made a small pattern around the heart with white thread. They look kind of cute, isn't it??

Cut out a square measuring 5 1/2" on a chart paper and draw a heart inside it. You can fold the paper in half and draw only half of the heart. Cut it out.

Place the heart on the material you have decided on. Draw the outline and cut 5 hearts.

Now draw three more concentric hearts inside the first heart. First cut the outermost line, trace it on the fabric chosen and then repeat with the next two lines inside.

You will end up with 5 sets of four hearts which can be placed inside one another.

Cut out 6" * 6" square on the base fabrics. I cut out 5 pink ones and 4 purple ones.

Now join the squares as shown. Iron it out neatly with seams on one side.

Now cut out batting and backing fabric larger than the base square by 3"

Sandwich the batting between the backing and the base square and pin.

Now stitch along the lines.

Pin the largest hearts on to the pink squares.

Stitch along the outline. Place the other hearts and stitch along the outlines. I also quilted around the heart with an easy design.

The purple boxes were filled with a rangoli pattern.

Now cut off the excess batting and backing.

Finish off the edge with a 1 3/4" binding.

Close up of the heart...

I used white thread in the bobbin and the back looks like this. I need to improve my quilting...


  1. its really nice and impressive...even I need to try one..thanks for sharing ..especially step by step clicks..


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