Sunday, 8 December 2013

Tote"lly Desi- A Secret Tote Swap at Desi Quilters

It has been long since I posted here. But still I am actively stitching a lot and teaching a lot. In the Desi Quilters group, there was a Tote Swap and I took part in it. Every member created a mood board/ picture collage with what they like and it becomes the inspiration for her secret partner to make a tote for her. We were not aware of our secret partner until we finished the project. Only at the time of shipping the tote, we know about the partner who made a tote for us. I was assigned with Damayanthi and had to make a tote for her. And I was not aware of the member who made a tote for me.

Here is Damayanthi's mood board:

To buy materials, I took my Ipad to the shop. Then with the help of this mood board I bought some fabrics. Made a simple tote according to this mood board.
Here is my creation for Damayanthi according to her mood board.

And here is my mood board:

Caroline was my secret partner and she made a wonderful tote for me

She also sent me a lot of hand made goodies along with the tote.

Thanks a lot Caroline. I am loving it all.

We had a nice time making the tote and I hope my partner enjoys the tote I made...

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