Friday, 20 September 2013

Pinky Pin Cushion - A simple DIY project

It has been nearly 5 months since I updated this blog. I made this pincushion several months back and took all the step wise snaps for the DIY project. But with so many other things to do, I completely forgot about this blog and the pin cushion. I made one similar to this for a challenge in Desi Quilters. This one is bigger than the one I made for the challenge. This was made from the bits of cloth after stitching a chudidar. So if you have some bits from some other project, then you can use it to make this lovely cute pin cushion. It is also very easy to make and will be very useful if you are going to quilt or stitch regularly.

Select three different fabrics which match each other. Choose according to your wish. The main fabric is cut into a circle of radius 6".

The other fabric is cut into a circle of radius 3 1/2".

For the ruffles, cut a strip measuring double the circumference of the smaller circle and 1 1/2" wide. 

Now cut out batting (I used a sponge sheet) to the size of the inner circle. 

Trim out 1/4" along the circumference of the batting/ sponge.

Now place the sponge in the centre of the bigger circle on the right side and pin it to secure.

Now join the strips of the ruffle fabric. Place one stripe perpendicular to the other leaving 1/4" on both the strips as shown. Draw a diagonal line across the square as shown.

Stitch along the line and trim off excess fabric.

Now when you open it you will see the neat finishing.

Now fold one edge and fold the strip into half. Pin it as shown.

Leaving 2-3" from the pinned edge, make pleats along the smaller circle's circumference, placing the stripe on the right side.

At the ending side, leave 1 1/2" without stitching.

Insert the unfinished edge into the starting edge, make a small pleat and stitch. This will give you a neat finish to the pleats.

See how easy it is to finish this way. It looks neat too...

Now pin the inner circle on the sponge.

Stitch the inner circle on the large circle, inserting the sponge into the stitch fold of the inner circle.

Once the sponge is inserted it is very easy to stitch.

Completed circles look like this.

Now with a needle and thread make a running stitch along the circumference of the larger circle.

Pull both the ends to gather it.

Now fill the circle with synthetic cotton filling and knot both the threads to make the cushion.

Now take a 3-4" square piece of lace or any cloth, place on the unfinished portion of the pin cushion and hand stitch it in place.

Your pinky pin cushion is ready for use. Hope you enjoyed this tutorial...

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  1. Simple and pretty! Thanks for posting this, Gayathri!


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