Friday, 19 April 2013

Sunny Bee Blocks For Desi Quilters

This post has been in my mind for so long but I think I am blogging very rarely here. As I was so busy with my recipe blog, I completely skipped updating this blog. I have been part of Desi Quilters for long and there is a group called sunny bees. Nearly 20 members of DQ are enrolled for this. Each month a member becomes the sunny bee and she asks others to make a block for her. Once all the blocks by the members are received, she puts them together to make an interesting quilt. I got enrolled as I thought it was fun and it is also a nice way to learn different techniques in quilting. I have sent out six block to sunny bees and this month I am the sunny bee. But this post is about the six block I made for friends. 

The first is the block for Bhavani Siddharth. She gave instructions for a sunflower applique block. She also mentioned the colours and the background fabric needed and I stitched it accordingly. As this was my first block, I was tensed but I think I ended up with a decent looking block. 

The second block was for Prasanna Narasimhan who gave us instructions for a sun block. It was stitched on a black back ground and it was quite easy to put together.

The third is for Nikhat who gave us one of the toughest challenges. IT was curved piecing which I have never tried. But her instruction were so perfect that I got it correct during my very first attempt. And I learnt a technique. This is the advantage to be part of this group. You learn something new every single day.

The fourth block was for Sunitha who asked for a log cabin. She didn't have so many rules and we were free to select the colour. But this is where I went wrong. As I searched the web for a log cabin I came across a pattern and I made it immediately. But It was more like alternating squares than log cabin. So Sunitha asked me to make another block which resembled a log cabin.

And here is my second attempt which Sunitha accepted.

The fifth block was for Medha Devdas and this was the toughest block ever. IT was the tumbling blocks. She gave us perfect instructions but putting together the pieces was very hard. I had to redo the block thrice to get a decent looking block. 

The final block which I sent out last month was for Manju Narain. Hers was a pieced rose block. She gave us exact instructions and all we had to do was to take a print out of the pieces, cut the pieces on fabric and stitch as instructed. It was an amazing and easy to put together block and it turned out nice.

I hope all the sunny bees liked my blocks. I will meet you all in my next post. Till then Take Care...

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